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Whether you want to play with friends or work on your game alone, our 6-court facility allows participants the flexibility to do both!

Check out the calendar below to see when open gym is available.


  1. Bring Your Own Ball.

  2. No Fighting.

  3. Keep Clothes On at All Times.

  4. No Outside Food or Drinks.

  5. No Coolers.

  6. No Hanging On Nets or Rims.

  7. Unsportsmanlike Conduct Will Not Be Tolerated.

  8. No Foul Language.

  9. No Chewing Gum.

  10. No Alcohol or Tobacco Products.

  11. No Marijuana Products.

  12. No Drug Paraphernalia.

  13. No Firearms, Knives, or Any Items That Can Cause Bodily Harm.

  14. No Unauthorized Drills, Equipment, or Training Are Allowed On the Courts.

  15. Open Gym Bands Must Be Worn At All Times. Ripped Bands Are Not Allowed.

  16. Do Not Jump or Stand On the Bleachers.

  17. Do Not Throw Trash On the Court Floor. 

  18. Children Must Be Supervised by an Adult at All Times.

  19. No Bags, Backpacks, And/Or Purse Allowed In The Building.

  20. We Are Not Responsible for Any Damaged, Lost, Or Stolen Items.

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